TPI is focused on optimizing your most important piece of equipment, your body.


This is not about recreating your swing.  We believe there are an infinite number of swing styles that can be used with success however we focus on optimizing your motion to make your swing more efficient.  For some this may mean more distance off the tee or accuracy with the irons, but for many it means being able finish the back nine with less pain.  This isn't just reserved for the top tour professionals, it can help golfers at any level or age.

TPI training starts with a comprehensive screening process that looks at your swing mechanics, biomechanics, physical fitness, and movement quality combined with your current health and health history. The screening process is designed to break down individual component motions of the golf swing into easy to perform motions for golfers of all ages and skill levels.  The Big Oak team then puts into action a personalized plan, grounded in our skills as movement specialists.  You can expect that the improvements won't just be seen on the the course.

We also believe in a team approach to performance training.  This may include working with your swing coach or golf professional, a fitness professional, or a nutritionist to get the most out of your game.  Even when standing on the tee box, you should never go at it alone.

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