Direct Access

Did you know that you can see a Physical Therapist without a referral?  Under Georgia's Direct Access laws, all patients have the right to see a Physical Therapist first.  This legislation allows you to see a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 21 days or 8 visits without question.  At Big Oak PT this means that you can be evaluated and start treatment in days, not weeks.

How does this help me?

Numerous studies have shown that starting Physical Therapy sooner is better.  In the long run it means you will get better faster, have a reduced chance of needing surgery, procedures, or imaging, and have some more money in your pocket.  For Low Back Pain, starting Physical Therapy in the first 14 days has been shown to reduce the cost of care by over $2700.  That's not chump change and the results you will see aren't bad either.

Do we work with your other doctors?

Even though you may start your Physical Therapy care without referral, we believe that as part of your medical team we should always collaborate with your other care providers.  After the initial evaluation, your note is sent off to your doctor for their review.  This allows us to keep everyone in the loop and create a smooth transition if care is needed beyond the 21 days or 8 visits allowed by Direct Access.

Is Direct Access Covered by Insurance?

Direct Access is covered by the vast majority of commercial payers (Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, etc.).  Medicare however still requires a referral at this time.  Even if your have Medicare, our team can help coordinate the referral process so that we can start your care as soon as possible.

What Physical Therapy Treatments Are Allowed?

Direct Access covers all Physical Therapy treatments with the exception of Dry Needling.  A referral is still needed for this procedure but if we decided this treatment may be beneficial for you our team is trained to help get the necessary information to your doctor and keep the referral process moving. 

How soon can I start?

At Big Oak PT we pride ourselves in getting you in faster than anyone in town.  We know the importance of early treatment and often can fit you in an appointment time that works for you within 48 hours.  If you are interested in scheduling with us call us a (229) 236-8989 or use the Instant Appointment feature.