What's our Why?

Why did we decide to become PTs? Why did we open Big Oak PT?  Why Thomasville?  Why are we different?

Many people ask us why we became Physical Therapists.  The simple answer is we love doing what we do, but there are many layers that make this answer much more complex.

Each one of us has different motivations in life.  For some people it is money.  For others it's fame or family.  For us, it's making a difference.  We chose to open Big Oak PT to shift what people thought was possible with Physical Therapy, to make healthcare a personal experience like it used to be, and to place the most skilled clinicians in a position where they have a chance to best help their patients.  For Thomasville, this approach is revolutionary; across the nation however it is become more and more popular.  Everyday we hear patients opting to take life's challenges head on, to avoid surgery, and to be in control of their health.  Shouldn't we give our all to help these patient reach goals even greater than they could imagine?

Physical Therapy is a proven, conservative medical approach.  It is grounded in an ever-growing body of research and improvements to the techniques we use.  We believe that effective Physical Therapy is dynamic and always improving.  Too many clinics in the area haven't changed the treatment styles or techniques since the 90s.  They rely too heavily on Physical Therapy Assistants and passive treatments.  That's not to say there isn't benefit in these things, but other options have been proven to have dramatically greater benefit.  Our belief is that our community shouldn't have to settle for an antiquated approach to Physical Therapy.

Why are we different?  We believe that the best care comes from the clinicians with the most skill.  We believe that to truly understand and give what the patient needs, they deserve our undivided attention.  We believe that you will experience the difference from the moment you walk in.

Most of all we believe in doing things the right way.

Our why will always be you.

What's your why?