"A rising tide lifts all boats"
-John F. Kennedy

It is human nature want to be different, to be unique, to be recognized and appreciated for what you bring to the table.  In business this is amplified to the extreme.  When opening a business, only the foolish wouldn’t promote the characteristics that make their company unique and hopefully better than their competitors.  We have to do this to combat the inevitability that we are creatures of habit.  For the most part, we remain comfortable with the familiar so long as we do not have a negative experience.  We go to the same barber shop, the same grocery store, the same mechanic.  Building relationships like these are important, especially in a small town, but what if we are missing out on something better?

I was fortunate to have been able to step away from Thomasville for my Physical Therapy training and see a perspective that I hadn’t noticed before.  During my training in Jacksonville at the University of North Florida and my residency at LSU, I saw Physical Therapists and Clinics willing to push the envelope on what was considered the “standard of care.”  In coming back to Thomasville I wanted to bring this mindset and model back home for a Physical Therapy practice.  The biggest obstacle however, is that Physical Therapy in Thomasville is comfortable.  Physical Therapy in Thomasville however is not all it can be.  Our profession in general has too long settled for mediocrity.  Instead of promoting ourselves as the movement specialists, we allow our clinical decision making to be made for us.  We accept insurance companies dictating how your care should be given instead of being your strongest advocate for the care you deserve.  We use treatments that in the past seemed to work for us, instead of drawing from the wealth of research we have on what actually works.  We were satisfied with treating patients only after an injury has occurred instead of heading off the problem before it occurs.  How did we get this way and what do we do get it all back on track?

My goal isn’t to downplay other Physical Therapists or clinics here in town.  Some might try to label other clinics in town as our competition, but in strong healthcare market they are just other options for you to choose from.  The fact of the matter is they are neighbors, friends, they go to the same churches as us, our kids may play ball together.  When I was injured growing up here they helped me get better.  They are great people who do good work.  That being said, the status quo isn’t good enough for me.  My experiences and training helped me realized that settling, whether it be personally or professionally, should’t be an option.  You deserve options, especially when it comes to your healthcare.  It doesn't necessarily mean that Big Oak PT is the perfect fit for you and by no means am I saying that we do everything right.  What I can say is that we have developed a clinic, that at it’s core, is grounded in continually improving the way you have access and the ability you have to take control of your own healthcare decisions.  By doing so we hope that we not only make your experience with Physical Therapy better, but use that rising tide to make the job easier for all Physical Therapists in our region, including those some might call our competition.  I hope that you will give us the chance to earn your trust in becoming your family’s PT.